Fail Factory - Armature Studios

Fail Factory – Armature Studios

Company: Armature Studios
Job Title: Game Designer II
Editor/Engine: Unreal Editor 4
Other Tools/Languages: N/A
Start/End Dates: March 2017 – October 2017
Primary Duties:

  • Created working prototypes for the following systems:
    • Sorting bin, incinerator, power cell spawner and all power cells.
    • Exploding assets and screen shake.
    • Skiffs with payloads and skiff spawner.
    • Piston, Mech Lift and scaffolding blueprints.
    • Game Manager blueprint.
    • Initial coworker blueprint.
    • Pendulum, QAP moving platform and moving bank shot target blueprints.
    • QAP Cannon and cannon projectile blueprints.
    • Initial placeholder sounds and particle systems for the project.
    • Initial project fly text and colored fly text.
    • Initial instruction panels, slip side panels and red ring.
    • Engine and Mech assembly blueprints including the spawner.
    • Integrated the tempo events system into all existing blueprints.
    • Implemented tempo event payload system to allow events to trigger specific spawners in a map.
    • QAP foot pad blueprint.
    • Engine Assembly Quality Control blueprint.
    • Initial station selection menus with animations.
    • Ambient slip pods, animated airlock and distant moving skiffs in hub.
    • Mech cantilever and blocker functionality.
  • Assisted programmers with conversion of EU4 Blueprints to C++ as needed.
  • Authored confluence page for Unreal Editor and Android set up for project.
Mech Assembly Station
The Mech Assembly game presents the player with a partially assembled mech. The player uses the crane to pick up mech pieces and connect them to their correct location. When the player assembles the mech correctly, the mech assembly station animates doors into place, evaluates the mech construction and scores the player. The assembled mech is then replaced with a new partially assembled mech and the player must repeat the assembly process.

What I was responsible for:
• Overall technical design of how this game works.
• Mech Assembly Station Animation Blueprint.
• Implementation of all animated mesh assets.
• Blueprint scripting for all mech parts, mech part spawner and central mech spawner.
• Blueprint scripting of all particle systems and fly text.
• Blueprint scripting of game manager.

Slip Pod Instruction Panel Behaviors
The player's slip pod is an extension of the player character allowing the player to travel between different maps in the Fail Factory game. Each time the player moves into a new room the panels to the left and right on the slip pod display instructions relevant to the puzzle or game the player was playing.

What I was responsible for:
• Blueprint scripting of the slip pod actor to swap instructional panels.
• Communication between game manager blueprint and slip pod to display correct instructional panels.

Sorting Bin Particle Emitters
Each sorting bin in the game is an blueprint that can be configured to have either a red, green or blue color. This color is meant to message the player what color cube should be throw into the bin. The video shows that there is a subtle difference in particle system emitters that activate when a player throws a coworker into a sorting bin versus the wrong color cube.

What I was responsible for:
• Blueprint scripting for all sorting bin functionality.
• Blueprint scripting that toggled some particle system emitters on and off based on the actor received.
• Initial implementation of all sorting bin sounds and particle systems.
• Initial implementation of all physics on actors.
• Initial implementation of coworker actor.

Ambient Skiff Actors
5 different skiff variants with play loads needed to spawn once when the player arrived in the map. Each skiff needed to be a random distance from the skiffs around it, travel on a spline from their spawn location to the end, add itself to an array of skiffs and wait to be teleported to the beginning of the spline to repeat the process. Random distances between skiffs had a minimum and maximum threshold to prevent skiffs from being too close or too far from another.

What I was responsible for:
• Blueprint scripting for skiff locomotion and spawning.
• Scripting of spline path and skiff stack functionality.
• Scripting for teleportation and distance functionality.

Tutorial Animations
The Manager character was a special character model that was animated by artists to appear from above the player, communicate something and then disappear the same way he arrived. Since each map was different, the manager, his vehicle and the hatch for his entry and exit needed to be placed at specific locations and then custom triggered based off dialog.

What I was responsible for:
• Blueprint scripting for manager and hatch animations.